FW: Teaching Job - Murcia (Ami Dundas CV)


From: amipie77@hotmail.com
To: andres.villa@centrocean.com
Subject: Teaching Job - Murcia (Ami Dundas CV)
Date: Thu, 13 May 2010 22:57:15 +0100

I have attached a copy of my CV and some photos for your information. I am moving to the Cabo Roig area on 17th June 2010 from Scotland. I am hoping to secure a job teaching English as I am TEFL qualified (50 hour 30 grammar) and have been teaching drama for 7 years. Drama is a fantastic way to teach children and young people English and I have travelled extensively using my skills to work and encourage children to learn the English language.
If you require any more information please contact me via email.
Kind regards
Ami Dundas

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American Engllish Teacher, Margaret M. Greene re: job vancancy

body shot to compress for email.jpgMargaret M. Greene


1185 W. Mountain View Road

Johnson City, TN 37604 USA

Phone: 00 + 1* + 423 + 328-0750

Email: maggie_greene@comcast.net


RE: Recruitment  announcement on Website and TEFL recommendation


April 18, 2010


To the committee of Murcia Academia Ingles Garantizado,


      An extended hand from an approaching woman -- then a firm handshake: “Hello, my name is Margaret Mary Murphy Greene…” She pauses, and you note a bright, warm smile.  “…or just Margaret Greene,” (pause) “… or even just Maggie.”  You hear a slightly nervous laugh.


      “I am pleased to meet you…and I am so much more than those proper nouns. However, like any other noun, if you are going to be able to use me, you need to know my meaning and what I can do for you.” You see in her eyes a wonder of your response to her introduction.


     “I have arrived in response to the announcements on your website and TEFL (Chicago, IL) recommendation for an EFL/ESL/English teacher.”  


     This somewhat tall, striking woman is motioned to sit and begins talking. “Since I was seventeen, I have worked every day from running a farm to running a business, and from teaching high school English, French, and Drama, to administrating as a high school assistant principal.  Now, as a woman with a vigorous and energetic love of life, I am free to pursue that for which my entire life has prepared me. My formal education, capped by my Education Specialist Degree and TEFL certification, has complemented my life’s education as an individual thinker, team member, mother, friend, and mentor.”


     You find yourself curious about this forthcoming American and decide to seek more information.  With her CV held out to you, she states she can include references from supervisors, co-workers, and even comments from former students, all of whom can detail their perception of her ethics, work, and abilities.


     She rises, thanking you for your time.  But before she turns to walk away, she asks, “As I leave my contact information, may I be so bold as to ask consideration for a formal interview? If you would do so, I will meet you in reality, adding dimension to the name Maggie Greene, and the papers you are now holding.  I truly thank you for that consideration.”  


Another firm handshake, and as she walks out, you think, “You know, she just might really fit our need.”


Please find attached my CV and recommendations.  Looking forward to a three-dimensional meeting, I await your response at the above physical or email address, or even by telephone or Skype (Maggie.Greene62). 


Ms. Maggie Greene

FW: Self respecting esl teacher murcia.20 an hr.best method

Dear Committee,

I'm very interested in teaching English in Spain. 
Please find my Cover letter and CV attached. 
Thank you for your time.
Kind Regards,
Serg Ozdemir

- laughter is the language of the Gods ~

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Native English Teachers

Dear Sir / Madam

Please find my CV and copy of certificate attached for the position of Native English Teacher.  I have a TEFL qualification and a degree.

I have immediate Spanish and have previously worked in Alicante and Mallorca.

I am looking for a friendly school when I can commit and enjoy working.  I am a young professional, hardworking dynamic Teacher who quickly builds strong working relationships with adults and children and is lively confident, team player who can motivate students.   I am available immediately for interview and to start work.

My contact number is 0044 7922372835.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

Amanda Handley

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Teacher Application

Dear Principal,


I have heard about your job hiring in the internet for English Teacher and I am very interested to apply to any vacancy that fits my qualifications. I am a Filipino and currently living in the Philippines but I must say that I have a varied experience in teaching kids/adults English as a Foreign Language with students coming from different parts of Asia, Russia and Europe.


Regarding the summary of my qualification, I have a Bachelor's degree in Psychology from the University of  Manila Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila and  a Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language from The London Teacher Training College at the TESOL Training Center, Singapore.


For more than four (4) years I have been teaching children of different ages. I have been a kindergarten teacher for two (2) years in Little Angels Montessori School and as an English teacher for more than two (2) years for adults and kids of different ages and levels.


Personally, I like to travel and experience different culture of different countries. I have experience teaching some Europeans and Spaniards in my previous employment. As an EFL teacher, it has been a rewarding experience to teach students of different culture. I enjoy teaching children the most and to mix fun or play with their learning experience. I am very adaptable, patient, friendly and warm to my students and that has been helpful and easy for them to like and understand my teachings.


For review of my qualifications, please find my resume in the attachment. If you have any questions, clarification and need further supporting documents and requirements to submit please do contact me.



Joyce Padasas




B18 L23 Garden Village Sta.Maria, Bulacan, Philippines

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Jon application

Please find attached my C.V. and a covering letter in application for the position of esl teacher in your enterprising school.
I sincerely hope you consider taking my application further.
Kind regards,
Laura O'Sullivan

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About ESL job in Murcia

I read your job posting on a TEFL website and was interested in learning more about the position.  I have attached my CV and hope that you will feel free to ask me any questions concerning my information.
Thank you for your time,

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Job Vacancy

29th March, 2010

Loja, Ecuador

Dear Sir / Madam,                                 


I am a 26-year-old, female Australian citizen and a TEFL-trained English teacher currently teaching at an English language school called The Canadian House Centre in Loja, Ecuador. I have been here for the past seven months teaching at least 25 hours per week to adults and children of all ages and levels. I am hoping to head to Europe when the current term ends here in June, in order to live and teach somewhere in Spain. I am available to start teaching from the beginning of July (permitting the travel time required from southern Ecuador to Spain).


Please see my attached CV but, in brief, my strengths as a teacher have shown me to be adaptable to all ages, class sizes and levels of students. I am conscientious, intelligent and dedicated to improving my students' English skills.


Before teaching, I gained experience working for major companies in Australia and was inspired to teach while working at the Open Learning Centre International in London where I was a student advisor. I also enjoyed my time as a camp counsellor in the United States. I was educated at one of the top schools in Australia, so my English and communication skills are excellent. In between working and studying, I have spent much of my time living in various countries and travelling to many others. I also speak some Spanish, so living and working in Spain would perfectly suit my professional aims and personal interests.


I would be grateful if you would consider me for employment at your institution. I am available for a phone interview and will try to check my email every day (youngen83@hotmail.com).


Many thanks for your time and I look forward to your reply as soon as possible,


Yours sincerely,

Jessica Young



(Unfortunately I am unable to provide you with a passport photo at this time; however I have attached a current photo of myself.)




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ESL Teacher

Please see attachment

Robyn Potter

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Ami Dundas CV

Attached is a copy of my covering letter and CV for your information.
Kind regards
Ami Dundas

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I wish to apply for the job of an English teacher. I am currently in my final year of college in Ireland at the University of Limerick studying Public Administration. I had the opportunity to participate in a TEFL course. I study TEFL over a period of 3 semesters taking a different module in TEFL each semester. Our semesters are over a 12 week period and I having classes in TEFL for 4 hours each week. We study language systems and how to teach reading, writing, speaking and listening skills as well as phonetics. We also have to do peer teaching and observation on current EFL teachers that teach in our University. Once completed I will have a TEFL certificate which will be in May 2010.
Having an Irish nationality, english is my first language. As i'm a fluent english speaker I take it for granted. TEFL has thought me how difficult it can be for people learning english the vocabulary, grammar and pronunciation. Once I graduate from college, I am definitely going to seek employment in the area of TEFL and I think this job would be the perfect start for a graduate like me. I am 21 years of age and I would be enthusiastic encouraging and creative in my methods of teaching. I am organised, reliable and adaptable.

Please find enclosed a copy of my C.V

I look forward to hearing from you.

Kind Regards,

Eimear O' Toole

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Jeff Hairston CV

Dear Sir or Madam,


I am writing in response your post on eslbase.com. I am interested in teaching English for Murcia Academia Ingles Garantizado. I am a native English speaker from the United States, and I have a university degree and a TEFL certificate. 

My C.V. is attached. Please contact me at the address below. I look forward to hearing from you.



Jeff Hairston



+420 775 671 856

Job opening.

Benjamin Bryce Capron
         I would like to work at your school in order to build on my EFL experience and gain    an understanding of an other culture through teaching abroad for a minimum of 12 months.


    CTEFL Via Lingua, Florence
   January 2010

    - 4 weeks, 120 hour intensive course.
    - 10 hours  of TPs, including one to one teaching
    - observation of qualified teachers
    -grammar and phonology exam

     University of Northern Colorado 2007
    BA in German with a minor in Music theory. 

-Employment History

   Great Divide Brewing Company, Denver Colorado
    February 2008 - December 2009
    Running the bottling and kegging lines and training new employees for work on the        bottling line.

  German Tutor
    Helping High School students retain their language acquisition.

    Good working knowledge of German.

-Additional Skills
    I have a clear driving record.  I am good with children and enjoy working with them. Computer literate.

-Volunteer Work
    Umweltstation Iffens.  Apr. 2009 - August 2009
     I helped this thriving 'environmental station' with yard work, building restoration, day to day chores, and helped teach and watch school children, in Iffens for an educational weekend.

    Traveling and finding out about new cultures, playing drums,  brewing beer, gardening.

Jennifer Milardo, Head Trainer
Via Lingua Florence
Via Brunelleschi, 1
50123 Florence ITALY
Tel. 055 283161 fax 005 289196

Ryan Fox, Production manager
Great Divide Brewing Company
2201 Arapahoe St.
Denver CO 80205
Tel. 001-303-296-9460 fax 001-303-9464

Bärbel Supper
Umweltstation Iffens
Beckmannsfelderweg 4
Budjadingen Niedersachsen 26969
Tel. 004904735-920020

Ann Keller-Lally
Campus Box 111 University of Northern Colorado
Greeley, CO 80639
Tel. 001-970-351-2779

Manteniendo los valores de una academia tradicional


  Manteniendo los valores de una academia tradicional:TRANSPARENCIA TOTAL de calidad profesionalidad precio y maxima satisfaccion.

CURSOS DE INGLÉS PARA EMPRESAS EN CLASES PARTICULARES..nada de grupos. 86% de la gente que aprueba el examen ingles oral viene de clases particulares.

Atendemos las necesidades de formación lingüística de numerosas empresas e instituciones, tanto públicas como privadas en murcia. Nuestros profesores pueden desplazarse hasta las instituciones que han solicitado nuestros servicios o el alumno puede venir a nuestros propios centros. La ubicación, la duración, la frecuencia y el horario se adaptarán a las preferencias y necesidades del cliente.

Nuestros alumnos lograrán participar con éxito en conferencias, reuniones o presentaciones. Diseñamos cursos InglesGarantizado Específicos adaptados al perfil laboral de los alumnos, quienes aprenden a comunicarse con mayor fluidez y seguridad al igual que amplían su vocabulario y dominio especializado del idioma.

Desaollamos los programas y nuestras clases de inglés con un claro enfoque comunicativo que mejore la competitividad del empleado dentro de la empresa, a través de la adquisición y actualización de las competencias lingüísticas necesarias para lograr una mejor cualificación profesional del trabajador. 

En todos los casos, y de acuerdo a nuestra política de calidad en la enseñanza como escuela inglés, ofrecemos a cada empresa una cuidada elaboración del Programa de Cursos inglés para empresas, que abarca:

·        Profesores de inglés nativos cualificados y especializados en trabajar con empresas ycon los objetivos lingüísticos de cada organización en particular, con el apoyo del más moderno material didáctico, para obtener los mejores resultados en el menor tiempo posible.

·        Control de asistencia en todas las clases de inglés: Realizamos un informe mensual que recoge la asistencia a clase del alumno incluidos en cada Programa de Formación.

·        Informes de progreso del curso de inglés: Con la finalidad de que la empresa conozca el progreso real de sus empleados el informe recoge el progreso del alumno en todas las categorías: Oral, comprensión, lectura y escritura.

·        Pruebas de nivel de cada alumno. Organización de Grupos de clase. Elaboración de los Planes de Formación. Preparación de exámenes específicos: TOEFL, TOEIC, FIRST Certificate, Proficiency, etc.

·        Presupuestos personalizados realizados en poco tiempo.

·        Programas de Formación continúa para trabajadores


·                                 Encontrarás 24 unidades de estudio en las que seguirás profundizando en el ingles, aprendiendo el “Reported speech” o Estilo Indirecto y los “Phrasal verbs” o Verbos con Preposición.

·                                 Es un nivel que tiene el nombre de Business porque  las 24 situaciones tienen que ver con negocios, marketing, presupuestos, fondos, acciones, intereses, economía, la nueva situación creada con la unión de los países europeos, etc ...

·         lecciones generales del idioma para desarrollar habilidades gramáticales y vocabulario, incluyendo debates monitoreados por el profesor, ejercicios escritos, trabajos en grupo y personificaciones.

·        6 sesiones de "casos de estudio" de empresas y tutoriales para adquirir conocimientos sobre las empresas.

·         lecciones de Inglés de Negocios, con énfasis en el lenguaje empleado en el entorno laboral, desarrollo de liderazgo, negociación de contratos, conducción de reuniones y desarrollo de estrategias de marketing y ventas.

·        1 conferencia (cuenta como lección doble) por parte de un profesor o un invitado para practicar la comprensión auditiva.


·                                 Una vez acabado este nivel, dominarás el ingles de BUSINESS






Business English Spanish Dictionary




Business English Spanish Dictionary 

Job description 
Business English Spanish Dictionary 

Business English Spanish Dictionary 

on listener 
Business English Spanish Dictionary 



Business English Spanish Dictionary


Business English Spanish Dictionary


Business English Spanish Dictionary


Business English Spanish Dictionary

Business letters 

Business English Spanish Dictionary

Business English Spanish Dictionary 

See this page in English

past tenses 
past activities 
Business English Spanish Dictionary 

Business English Spanish Dictionary 


by areas 

Business English Spanish Dictionary 

Business English Spanish Dictionary 

Business English Spanish Dictionary 


Agreeing & 
saying yes 
saying no 






         El curso es de 2 horas cada semana durante 7 meses o un total de 56 horas. El precio total es de 1.400 euros o 25 euros la hora. No hay iva.      Importante:si el alumno tiene que trabajar y no puede venir a la clase,cambiamos la hora o dia..Es una garantia de InglesGarantizado..Tu pagas un precio fijo y tienes la garantia de una cantidad minimo de horas.Nunca pierdes una clase debido a fiestas viajes enfermidades.En un grupo,si no puedes venir,tu pierdes tu ingles y tu dinero.



12 Preguntas y Respuestas  
sobre las clases en empresas


¿Pueden venir a mi empresa?




Sí. Enseñamos en empresas de todo Murcia.Encuentranos en google maps a inglesgarantizado.com







¿Sus horarios son flexibles?



time and  

Sí. Nuestro equipo le enseñará en los días y las horas que Usted determine.




Business English Spanish Dictionary




¿Cuál es la mejor forma de aprender?



No hay respuesta fácil a esta pregunta porque cada alumno es distinto y las necesidades cambian de una persona a otra.

Los factores más relevantes a tener en cuenta son: la calidad delprofesorado, la cantidad de alumnos en el grupo, la metodología utilizada y el tiempo que se dedica al estudio.






Business English Spanish Dictionary






 ¿Quién será mi profesor?






Un miembro de nuestro equipo estable de profesores. Todos nuestros formadores son nativos y tienen el título TEFL de profesor de inglés.






¿Tengo que estudiar en casa? 






Sí. Es muy difícil aprender sin estudiar.

Tendrá que estudiar aproximadamente una hora cada semana y hacer los ejercicios que determine el profesor.












¿Imparten clases individuales?






. Impartimos solo clases individuales.











¿Puedo cambiar la hora de mi clase si tengo que viajar?






Sí. Sólo tiene que llamar a su profesor o a nuestra oficina con antelación.











¿Tienen referencias de clientes?






Actualmente enseñamos en más de 100 empresas. Si desea llamar a alguna para pedir referencias, por favor contacte con nosotros en el 968271771 o  968218818  o 620837894 .


call us for 









otros servicios ofrecen?






Además de nuestras clases en empresas, ofrecemos a nuestros alumnos otras herramientas para complementar sus clases:




Ejercicios por Internet 
Los estudiantes pueden seguir varios cursos gratuitos desde nuestra plataforma online.






English phone  
Los alumnos pueden practicar inglés por teléfono con un profesor nativo en charlas que se asemejan a las conversaciones reales.




Business glossary 
Nuestros alumnos pueden utilizar nuestro glosario de negocios online con más de 10.000 términos traducidos al inglés. 











Corrección de textos 
Los alumnos pueden enviarnos textos cortos y los corregiremos gratuitamente.






Business English Spanish Dictionary






¿Cómo nos cobrarán?





Pay after 
the lessons.

Como usted quiere.











¿Cuánta experiencia tienen?






InglesGarantizado enseña en Murcia desde 1989. 











¿Cómo puedo iniciar mis clases?






call our 

Llame a nuestro Director, Steven Marcus al 620837894

Responderemos a sus preguntas y, si Usted desea, pasaremos por su oficina para una entrevista.