American Engllish Teacher, Margaret M. Greene re: job vancancy

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RE: Recruitment  announcement on Website and TEFL recommendation


April 18, 2010


To the committee of Murcia Academia Ingles Garantizado,


      An extended hand from an approaching woman -- then a firm handshake: “Hello, my name is Margaret Mary Murphy Greene…” She pauses, and you note a bright, warm smile.  “…or just Margaret Greene,” (pause) “… or even just Maggie.”  You hear a slightly nervous laugh.


      “I am pleased to meet you…and I am so much more than those proper nouns. However, like any other noun, if you are going to be able to use me, you need to know my meaning and what I can do for you.” You see in her eyes a wonder of your response to her introduction.


     “I have arrived in response to the announcements on your website and TEFL (Chicago, IL) recommendation for an EFL/ESL/English teacher.”  


     This somewhat tall, striking woman is motioned to sit and begins talking. “Since I was seventeen, I have worked every day from running a farm to running a business, and from teaching high school English, French, and Drama, to administrating as a high school assistant principal.  Now, as a woman with a vigorous and energetic love of life, I am free to pursue that for which my entire life has prepared me. My formal education, capped by my Education Specialist Degree and TEFL certification, has complemented my life’s education as an individual thinker, team member, mother, friend, and mentor.”


     You find yourself curious about this forthcoming American and decide to seek more information.  With her CV held out to you, she states she can include references from supervisors, co-workers, and even comments from former students, all of whom can detail their perception of her ethics, work, and abilities.


     She rises, thanking you for your time.  But before she turns to walk away, she asks, “As I leave my contact information, may I be so bold as to ask consideration for a formal interview? If you would do so, I will meet you in reality, adding dimension to the name Maggie Greene, and the papers you are now holding.  I truly thank you for that consideration.”  


Another firm handshake, and as she walks out, you think, “You know, she just might really fit our need.”


Please find attached my CV and recommendations.  Looking forward to a three-dimensional meeting, I await your response at the above physical or email address, or even by telephone or Skype (Maggie.Greene62). 


Ms. Maggie Greene