ingles profesor murcia clases particulares

ingles clases particulares murcia 

Name:                 LXXXile KhXXXXX          


Known As:        Codie KXXX


Address:                                 Cnr Blase & Shepstone Rds

                                        New Germany, 3620

Alternate Addr.: Paul desChanellaan 14

                                              1030, Scheerbeek

Mobile:            0027 83 336 6681/ 049 214 XXXX

Fax:                               0027 86 567 XXXx







Job Title: ESL Teacher - Volunteer                   Yrs Employed (Ex:Feb 2009-current)

Organisation Name : Talk English              Durban, KZN


Responsibilities: Lesson planning

                                              Conducting group lessons

                                              Student assessments

                                             Assisting with general Admin


Talk English is a Durban based NGO that helps refugees in Durban and surrounding

learn English, as well as assist companies upgrade employees literacy levels.





Job Title: ESL Teacher - Freelancer             Yrs Employed (Ex:Mar 2009-Sept 2009)

Organisation Name : LAL Durban           Durban, KZN


Responsibilities: Lesson planning

                                              Conducting group and private lessons

                                              Elementary to business English

                                              Student assessments

                                             Assisting with general Admin


Reason For Leaving : School closed down in September 2009




Have conducted English and Zulu private lessons from 1992, teaching English to

children and  Zulu to adults English native speakers, as a private project. As well

as teaching Japanese to South African exchange students preparing to go to Japan.





   Job Title: Creditors Administrator              Yrs Employed (Ex:Apr 2007-Nov 2008)

Organisation Name : FlavourCraft Pty Ltd      New Germany, KZN

ISO 1901 / HACCP accredited


Responsibilities: Full Creditors function

                                              Stock, service, transporters, inter-company acc’s, consignment, forex

                                              Monthly reconciliations on Quattro Pro

                                              Attending to all queries, local and international suppliers

                                              Drawing up cheques, foreign payments

                                              Liaising with all suppliers (+-22 million book)

                                              Data capturing, voucher releasing on MFG-Pro

                                              Drawing up payments on MFG-Pro, remittances

                                              New creditor’s applications, and processing supplier details changes

                                              Assist with Bookkeeping, Debtors, Reception, and filling



    Job Title: Receptionist/ Clerk                                             Yrs Employed (Ex:Apr 2002-Mar2007)                           

Organization Name: FlavourCraft Pty Ltd       New Germany,KZN


     Responsibilities : Managing the board-Siemens board:3 incoming lines, 40 extensions

                                            Acting as relief for Debtors, Creditors, and Bookkeeping when neccessary

                                                        Making cheques, doing company banking, handling COD queries & records

                                                        Cash flow, updating cashbook, payment allocations, Foreign banking

                                                        Liaising with all Debtors : printing & despatching statements & credit notes

                                                        Processing and despatching of letters of demand

                                                        Responsible for all customer updates, all CGI cover applications & records

                                                  Creating codes for new customers

                                                  Liaise with the sales team on customer info/queries/ changes

                                                        Responsible for all Debtors invoices and Pods (Proof of delivery docs)

                                            Ordering & distribution of stationery and groceries (all departments)

                                    Creating spreadsheets for all groceries & stationery for financial year-end

                                                        Budget, negotiating prices with suppliers

                                                        Reconciling Debtors, reconciling Creditors,

                                                        Invoice capturing (stock & service)

                                                  Buying of relevant books for the CEO, fragrance & development teams

                                                  Liaising with transporters, ensuring all docs get to FC before close of period

                                                   Dealing with auditors, filling

                                                  Typing official letters  :  40-55 words per minute


Reason For Leaving FlavourCraft: To do a full time Celta course



Previously temped as

                                          Waitress - ICC Durban (International Convention Centre), the Hilton

                                                                                    1999 - 14 April 2001

                                          Waitress/ bartender - The Hilton hotel Durban, the Royal hotel, Rob Roy

                                                                                    1997 - 2000

                                          Assistant cashier - Hiway Medical Centre, Westville Hospital

                                                                                    1995 - 1997

                                   Cleaner - Hiway Medical Centre, Westville Hospital

                                                                                    1994 - 1995


All waitressing/ bartending assignment were organised by various recruitment

agencies,  therefore worked at many different places at random as I was also

studying some of the years.




Degree Earned or certificate:  TEFL               Years Attended (Ex: Nov-Dec 2008)

       Institution Name: Durban Language Centre     Durban, KZN


     Related activities: A full CELTA teaching skills course


    Accomplishments : Certificate


Degree Earned or certificate: Introduction to computer         Years Attended (Ex: 1999)

       Institution Name: Phumelela Business Consultant          Durban, KZN


     Related activities: MS Office 1998

                                MS Word


                                                                Internet & email


     Accomplishments : Certificate


    :Only used  internet, email, MFG-Pro, Quattro-pro 9, Corel WordPerfect 9,

                        and Corel Presentations 9 at FlavourCraft:  


             Degree Earned or diploma: travel & tourism       Years Attended (Ex: 1996)

     Institution Name: Natal Computer College                  Durban, KZN


Related activities/ studies : South African & Southern Africa Geography

                                                                                        Introduction to computers

                                                                                        Complaints handling, conflict resolution

                                                                                        Telephone mannerism, Team spirit cultivation

                                                                                        Booking flights, ticketing

                                                                                        AIATA BSP


Accomplishment : Diploma

:Diploma was burned, regrettably; other documents half burned:





Other : IATA BSP Certificate - NCC

                                  Radio DJ Certificate - BJC

                           Waitressing Skills Cert - ICC/ the Hilton/ the Royal

                                 Service excellence Cert - ICC, Nam Summit

                                 Matric Certificate, exemption - 1995              Subjects : English (HG)

                                                                                                                                                                        Afrikaans (HG)

                                                                                                                                                                        Geography (HG)

                                                                                                                                                                        Biology (HG)

                                                                                                                                                                        Mathematics (HG)

                                                                                                                                                                        Physics (SG)



   Skills and Hobbies

·              Able and willing to learn new things

·              Work hard to get the best results out of myself

·              Am an independent decision-maker and a good team player

·              Good communication skills, good telephone etiquette

·              Good organisational skills, and personal time management

·              Love travelling, have travelled extensively

·              Love music, plays an instrument

·              Am a joyful person

·              Am a fast learner

·              Am computer literate

·              Good with languages : fluent in English, Zulu

                                                                           Very good in Afrikaans, Xhosa

                                                                           Learning  Japanese, Swahili,  Amharic, Portuguese

                                         and Hindi. (would like to start French/German soon)




Reason for Seeking Employment: Seeking a growth opportunity.